Please find below a selection of the most common questions I am asked about Pilates

Common Questions

This does depend on your budget and the time you have available. Ideally you should attend a Pilates class twice a week. However if you can only go once a week it is advisable to exercise at home. It is important to be realistic and many of us don't have the time, and many of the simpler exercises can be performed at home in front of the mirror. However, Pilates is about retraining movement patterns, so even going about your day to day living whilst thinking about moving in a good alignment, as you would in class, will help your development.
This again depends on several factors including: How often you are performing Pilates, how effectively you carry out the exercises, whether you do your homework and what you eat. Remember that the old style of exercising "feeling the burn" is now thought to be ineffective. In Pilates we concentrate on a slower more controlled movements working in a good alignment. We are aiming to achieve a balanced body, not just concentrating on improving one part. It is important to exercise the whole body and through good movement your body will change for the better.
Pilates exercises focus on strengthening the muscles supporting the spine and deep stomach muscles -your core muscles. This can help reduces inches around your waist and tummy, as well as improving posture in daily life and reducing back pain.
Everyone is different, with different body types and goals. If you exercise at least 3 times a week, you will definitely see results. Remember also, that as muscle mass increases you may slightly increase your weight though you may be losing inches. Pilates is excellent for overall body toning, you will feel stronger, leaner and build up core strength. Remember to also include adequate rest periods to allow time for your muscles to recover, as well as enough sleep, a good diet and effective lifestyle changes to improve your overall health. Overall Pilates is great for building core strength and flexibility. However, I always advise my clients to include a form of more aerobic exercise to complement their Pilates programme. Walking, running, cycling or swimming are all excellent forms of cardiovascular exercise.
Comfortable close-fitting clothes are best so that I can see your alignment and posture. No shoes are required- you can either wear socks or go barefoot.
All the equipment, mats and head supports are provided by me. You may like to bring a bottle of water and a small towel.
The classes are essentially mat based. I do incorporate equipment including: toning circles, therabands and overballs.
No - you are never too old to exercise! Age should never be a barrier. The beauty about Pilates is that most exercises can be broken down into different levels. People are able to work at the level which they find most comfortable. If you are severely overweight, I will need a letter from your doctor advising that is safe for you to exercise.

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