Who Am I?


I was inspired to take up Pilates in 1998 after sustaining a back injury and then discovered the enormous benefits of this form of exercise. My severe back pain disappeared and I was hooked immediately. Through Pilates I have improved my own posture and body awareness. The benefits of this exercise impacts positively upon all areas of my life.

I have been teaching Pilates for many years now and trained with the highly regarded Body Control Pilates © Organisation.  I am registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) as a Pilates teacher. I have also completed the Body Control Pilates Level 4 Low Back Pain course. And I am registered as a REPs Level 4 specialist instructor. I am also a fully qualified Pilates Reformer Instructor. I teach classes and offer one-to-one sessions.

I chose to train through Body Control Pilates as they offered a rigorous in-depth course based on current good practice, this was important to me due to my background working for many years within the NHS.

I frequently attend workshops and courses to ensure that my skills and knowledge remain up-to-date. I also think it is important that I regularly attend Pilates classes and one-to-one sessions with respected instructors so that I remain strong in my own body. Attending these sessions also helps me to relax and focus my mind.

I am passionate about Pilates and how it can improve your shape and your posture as well as having positive effects on your overall health and well-being. And I am now enjoying sharing the benefits of Pilates to others.