Pilates with Sharon is a truly uplifting experience. I love every minute and especially the brilliant music and relaxation . I feel fitter and in much better shape with stronger muscles since starting.


I have been doing Pilates for several years & for the last couple have been with Sharon. Her classes are by far the best I have attended & although I have many years experience I still find myself learning & improving with each class. She knows all her students by name, is patient & understanding no matter what our abilities are & gets the best out of all of her students with her kind & considerate nature. I would definitely recommend Pilates as a fitness option & highly recommend Sharon's classes.


Sharon is a warm caring person who's knowledge and expertise in Pilates is so obvious when she takes a class. I have been to other class's and Sharon is the most professional, getting to know you and any injuries or past medical history that may impact on your movement. Encouraging but not pushing too much Would not go anywhere else. I really look forward to my class.


I've been attending Sharon's Pilates classes for the past four years and have found it great way to keep in shape. I highly recommend Sharon's classes, she demonstrate each movement and is always ready to correct and encourage. Not only providing the necessary equipment Sharon makes exercise fun!


I have always found Sharon to be a professional teacher and motivator with a friendly and outgoing personality. I look forward to Sharon's classes as they are relaxing and challenging at the same time , she always give individual attention to each and every one of us where it is required. I highly recommend her.


Sharon’s classes are carefully planned and structured, and they are set at a comfortable pace. Sharon herself is warm, welcoming and enthusiastic. She is aware of each of our needs and abilities and gives us individual attention as necessary. She uses her knowledge and understanding of the human body to encourage us and to give us the tools and tips for helping ourselves. My “dodgy knees” and cervical spondylosis are no longer the problem they were. The improvements in my strength, posture, and awareness, developed through Sharon’s classes, have been immeasurable and have become a vital part of my life.


Pilates is the exercise that I have found most beneficial since undergoing back surgery. Sharon is an excellent teacher – instructions during exercises are clearly given, and she is always aware of individuals’ abilities and needs. I enjoy the friendly and supportive atmosphere in my weekly class.


I first started Pilates classes over 20 years ago after having major back surgery and over the years have attended many different classes. I find that regular gentle exercise, such as Pilates, helps to keep my spondylosis under control. I have been with Sharon since she first started her class in Stoneleigh and must say that she is by far the best Pilates teacher I have come across. Not only is she experienced but also very considerate of each individual class members medical problems added to which her classes are always relaxing and fun.


I love my pilates classes with Sharon. She makes everybody feel comfortable and encourages us all to do our best being very sensitive to our individual needs. She makes it all good fun!!


As a complete newcomer to Pilates I was slightly nervous when I came to my first session last autumn. I found the group friendly and Sharon puts everyone at ease straightaway. Sharon is a great tutor and very sensitive to the needs of the class. You take it at your own pace and decide your own challenges. The atmosphere in our class in Ewell Village is calming and I always look forward to the relaxation session at the end. I leave the class feeling mentally and physically refreshed.


I have attended Sharon's Pilates classes now for several years. She is an excellent instructor. I am a 'mature' lady with some joint 'issues' and feel completely safe in her class. She is aware of all problems within the group and instructs appropriately to each persons limitations. Sharon makes each session very enjoyable and varies the exercises to keep things fresh. She has a very calming approach to her class along with a great sense of humour. All in all I look forward to my class each week.


I was recommended pilates by my GP to help deal with lower back pain. I have noticed a real improvement in the two years that I have been doing pilates. My flexibility and muscle strength has improved whilst instances of back pain have lessened. Sharon is a kind, knowledgeable and fun teacher, and the pleasant atmosphere created in class means that I enjoy coming along to pilates every week.


My friend recommended Sharon’s Pilates classes which I have been attending for nearly a year now. The difference Pilates makes to my body is immense, my back is stronger, the muscles around my neck aren’t as tense and the relaxation sets me up for the day. Sharon is a very gentle teacher who makes me feel welcome and comfortable. Her lessons are held in relatively small groups and are good value for money. I thoroughly recommend SN Pilates


Sharon is a great teacher and caters for the needs of individuals..She is always cheerful and encouraging and her sessions are well planned. As one of the older members in her group, I find that her classes keep me supple and mobile and.... I look forward to them!


I went to see Sharon after I had fractured a vertebrae and my doctor advised Pilates as a way of strengthening my core muscles and supporting my back. Sharon was very supportive and recommended an initial 1:1 lesson as I knew little about Pilates. I am now attending classes. She is an excellent teacher, always encouraging and providing optional exercises if an exercise causes any discomfort. I personally have never enjoyed exercising but now really look forward to the classes and have, with Sharon's help, devised a daily routine. My back is much stronger and now less painful.


As a woman of a "more mature" nature and suffering from arthritis, I know the importance of use it or loose it. Pilates gives me the opportunity to exercise and improve my posture. Sharon is always careful to make sure that everyone in the class operates within their capabilities. It really makes me feel great.


Thank you for all the the effort that you put in to your classes. Thank you also for all your patience and guidance and for being so helpful and considerate.


I really enjoy attending your classes and it’s good to see how popular they are, which is a reflection on what you as an instructor have put into them.


Sharon is a wonderful, inspiring and caring teacher and I look forward to her classes every week!


Once again thank you for yet another great class, they are so good, beneficial and enjoyable!


Thank you so much for all your lessons. I feel very fortunate to have met you. You are an excellent teacher and such a lovely person. It has made a huge difference to my issues and I finally now do a small session every day, which seems to make all the difference.


Just to let you know that we are moving house. I am thoroughly hooked on Pilates and will be carrying on when we move to Cirencester. Thank you for an amazing introduction and for the inspiring and engaging way you teach Pilates you will be a hard act to follow!


Thanks for the wonderful classes. Your classes are the highlight of my week!


I really do enjoy your classes. You really are a wonderful teacher and have such a lovely way of giving the best for everyone in the class.